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fun that, pump that --
pump that is a perfectly acceptable phrase.
1st-Jun-2006 09:04 am
Title: When Man Realizes His Love For Local Young Boy That Goes To His School: 사 랑 해...
Rating: NC-17, for very graphical sex.
Pairings: JaeHo, YooSu, and some Changmin x food.
Genre: PWP, romance, angst.
Summary: Like the sand through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.

Jae was in his locked room. Angsting away his life by listening to Evanescence, and doing manly sobbing into a pillow. Thinking about his unrequited love: Yunho. How could someone so handsome like Yunho love someone as small and dumb, and pettish and pretty as poor Jaejoong? Jaejoong looked at the lovenotes he had written up for Yunho before he went to sleep.

The next day, Yunho was at school with all his other jock-like friends, and having a fun time. Because he was just the center of attention, save for Yoochun who was the attention spot for all the ladies. And giving out tips for how to bang them to his posse.

Jaejoong entered the cafeteria, and made a subconscious beeline for Yunho. Bumping roughly into him, causing them both to fall down on the ground. Yunho quickly gets pissed as Jaejoong begs for forgiveness before he runs off to the little girls boys room, angsting away for the entire five periods.

Little did he know that the bump had caused the love notes to fly into Yunho's napsack, and that he was currently reading through them. With great interest, without showing emotion.

Days passed as Changmin was stuffing his face full of food, and spraying it all over Junsu who shrieked at his lack of manners. Which in turn caused Yoochun to fall in love with Junsu. And have hot gay, virgin, mansex with him behind the dumpster of the school. A love confession escaping from them both after their cherries had been popped like One Night in Paris.

Five minutes later, Yunho confronted Jae by his locker and dragged him to the side in a quiet hall. Because the place is suddenly deserted. Jaejoong is mumbling - stuttering - all too nervous to look into the eyes of his biggest love interest for 15 years. Yunho makes Jaejoong look into his eyes, and spills out his confession of reading the letters and suddenly realizing he's gay as well. And then he grabs Jaejoong close to his body and gives him a passionate kiss as they both bawl their eyes out. After having bickered about not deserving one another, and that they both should die because it's impossible for unrequited loves to actually become requited.

They, too, have hot gay buttsex. Virginal STD style like professionals.


~~*~~The End~~*~~.

Yeah, I totally wrote this up in an IM window to des_akazim. Scroll bitches.

1st-Jun-2006 11:34 am (UTC)
That has to be the oddest analogy I've ever heard. Or maybe I'm just not fly with the teen chat of today.

Oh, unrequited love how you hurt.
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