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fun that, pump that --
pump that is a perfectly acceptable phrase.
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25th-Jun-2006 12:24 am - Uh, yeah, Desu contributes.
I left an un-attended Desu to my AIM windowCollapse )
1st-Jun-2006 09:04 am - fanfiction.
Title: When Man Realizes His Love For Local Young Boy That Goes To His School: 사 랑 해...
Rating: NC-17, for very graphical sex.
Pairings: JaeHo, YooSu, and some Changmin x food.
Genre: PWP, romance, angst.
Summary: Like the sand through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.
Yunho never noticed the way Jaejoong always...Collapse )
This is my way of making Desu contribute to the comm.

A relatively small picture spamCollapse )
13th-Mar-2006 01:23 pm - Archived Post #5
Woooo, my last archive. My spamming tendencies have begun to deteriorate. SAVE ME FROM THIS IMP LIKE FAITH. *coughs* Yes. Spam spam.

Just because I'm a cut doesn't mean I'm emoCollapse )
5th-Mar-2006 09:59 am - random spam.
I found an old spam from my journal so I thought I'd just share it here as well.

you were running away from your gaynessCollapse )
2nd-Mar-2006 12:30 pm - hello hello;
This comm has been a bit inactive for a bit, but I shall kick Desu into posting something soon. In the meanwhile I'm continuing my little spam archive. Before I do that I'd like to take the time to mention that I re-did the whole community. midnight_pump Not all that fancy since I was lazy, but too traumatized by the old one. Now you can actually see without having to wear a flashlight. Now, onto the spam. Yah? 8f

Noun: A small syringe with detachable nozzles; used for vaginal lavage and enemasCollapse )
2nd-Jan-2006 01:08 pm - Rising Sun Picture spam.
Rah. I'm bored. Picture spam. Cause I finally got off my lazy arse and watched the live.

Rahlalala I'm a snarky cutCollapse )
30th-Dec-2005 10:50 pm - Archived post #3
Kinda incomplete since I went to bed in the midst of it. Oops.

Reading rainbow.Collapse )
18th-Dec-2005 11:07 pm - Archived post #2
I swear I get funnier later on.

Get on the dancefloor, everiibadiiCollapse )
15th-Dec-2005 11:47 pm - Archive post #1
Hohh shit I'm actually archiving my spam posts. Will you look at that. >D 'Tis my first spam post. Ever. Fear the tardness of it.

I have the power.Collapse )
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