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fun that, pump that --
pump that is a perfectly acceptable phrase.
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15th-Dec-2005 10:58 pm - What would be known as a fic.
Since people seemed to like this fic, I'm posting it here, too. *copypaste*

Zee title: Insertsomethingcrackyhereplz.
Zuh writ0r: That would be me, yup.
Zem humpees: Believe that would be JaeHo.
Damned hxc: PG-13? I fail at these things.
Deesklaimur: I own them, big time. Give 'em to me, baby.
Joy to the world: OOC ...and AU.
Notes: It's based off of this, when I made a refrence to these two lines: Yun Ho, in turn, placed his hand over Jae Joong's chest as well. Jae Joong's smile seemed to widen as he realized where Yun Ho was headed. jaejoongah demanded it to be written into crack, so I tried my best under my newly awoken state and headache. Un-beta'd, and probably lots of grammar mistakes and yadda yadda. I've never written humour in a fic before, so bear with me.

Fancy cut textCollapse )

Think I'll post my picture spams after this, cause it's fun looking at things again? :D
15th-Dec-2005 10:24 pm - credits: I live on naver
me mst-ing my image folderCollapse )

Wow I lose at making impressive GRAND FIRST POSTS. Maybe I'll wait until (YOUKNOWWHOYOUARE) makes a post and then claim it was there first. IS THAT A DEAL, ANY.

(look at me, talking like other people are here)
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